Remi RQ-134H/D Direct Drive Stirrer With 2/3 HP Motor ( Capacity 80 LTRS)

ype of Product : Direct Drive Stirrer
Stirling Shaft Dia x Length(mm) : 12×450
Stirring Fluid : WATER
Stirring Capacity (Ltrs.) : 80 LTRS

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PMDC Stirrers are specially designed for routine laboratory work, research and development, QA analysis and sample preparations. Stirrers have uniform speed control with digital RPM indicatorwhich gives speed read outs, valuable for applications where process validation and reproducibility is required. RQ-121/D, RQ-126/D and RQ-129/D models use direct drive motors & are ideal for day to day laboratory use with aqueous & low viscosity liquids such as light oils.


Model No

: RQT-134H/D (Digital)

Type of Product

: Direct Drive Stirrer

Stirling Shaft Dia x Length(mm)

: 12×450

Stirring Fluid


Stirring Capacity (Ltrs.)

: 80 LTRS


: AC/DC 2/3 HP

Min. Speed (RPM)

: 900

Max. Speed (RPM)

: 5000

Digital Speed Indicator

: NO